The Change Your Story Workshop

The Change Your Story workshop offers a faith based, scientific approach to breaking free from: *life controlling issues * addictions * faulty mindsets * unhealthy habits * negative thoughts & painful emotions. 

The goal is to set you on a journey of discovering—or re-discovering the hero that lives inside you. We identify and work through life controlling issues, but our focus is never on the issue. Our focus is on Identity, Purpose, and renewing the mind with God’s word.

Research shows that 86 to 90% of people break free from every type of addiction by choice. But it is a choice that is hard to find! The Change Your Story workshop guides you through the fog, to where the choice is available.

Throughout the course you will learn to:

*Identify your why

*Learn the psychology behind your desires

*Understand unwanted cravings  

*Find freedom from alcohol and other related substances

*Break free from dysfunctional patterns and addictive cycles

*Process feelings and emotions

*Recognize spiritual warfare

*Uncover the promises and provision hiding behind bad habits and life controlling issues

*Regain control of your life

*Pursue Purpose—the Key to Breakthrough

The Change Your Story Workshop frees you to be you. Not the you life has molded. The YOU God created.