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So back to my Bio...


All I ever wanted to do was act and sing. I moved to NYC as a teenager ready to conquer the world! I eventually transitioned to LA and began recording songs with some of the best producers in the industry, graduated from one of the top acting schools, became a member of SAG, etc., etc.

And then I ran away from everything I had ever worked for and believed in. I ran away from me. Silently struggling with alcohol for years. It almost killed me.


One day I made a promise to God that I’d do whatever He said if He would just save me and use me. That promise—and a lot of work “changed my story.”


Every project you see me share is just me being a responsible vessel to the work God has given me. The books, the workshop, the messages… sharing the secrets I worked so hard to keep… not my plan! Yet I am so blessed that it was God’s. God can use every part of our story if we let Him.


When I was begging God to save my life, when I made that promise “that I’d do whatever He said, if we would just use me” never did I think I would act again. BUT GOD… Psalms 37:4


I’m honored and over the top excited to be represented by Treasure Coast Talent Agency,  and American Talent Management  Jean Wenger, my agent, and Spencer Folmar, my manager both have hearts for God and specialize in faith based TV/Film. 


Sometimes we hold our dreams too close. But when we surrender them to God, when He knows He can trust us, when we’re willing to do whatever He says… He has a way of completely amazing us.


May every book I write, workshop I teach, message I share, and every role I take glorify HIM!

Demo Reel
Commercial Clips
Another Girl Next Door
Living a Lie


Lifetime Christmas

Represented by: Treasure Coast Talent Agency


American Talent Management

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