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 Change Your Story Workshop


The Change Your Story Workshop is a ground breaking, faith based, holistic program that equips clients with the tools it takes to break free from bad habits, faulty mindsets, self-sabotaging behavior, and addiction.

Break Free from what's breaking you and Discover Purpose--the Key to Breakthrough

The nine week program utilizes Neuroscience principles along with CBT, DBT, Motivational Coaching, Scripture, and Prayer to help identify the root causes of “issues,” rewire the brain, and renew the mind. The Change Your Story Workshop empowers clients to Discover—or ReDiscover their dreams, pursue purpose, and live life at their highest potential.

The Change Your Story Workshop equips you with the tools it takes to live in the Freedom God provides. It frees you to be YOU. Not the you life molded. The YOU God created.

Throughout this course you will learn to:

*Change Your Story
*Identify your why
*Understand the psychology behind your desires
*Conquer unwanted cravings  
*Process feelings and emotions
*Have a stronger sense of self
*Strengthen your relationship with God
*Learn to trust & fully forgive
*Rewire your brain*Recognize spiritual warfare
*Develop positive habits
*Find freedom from alcohol and other related substances
*Uncover the promises and provision hiding behind your problems
*Stop repeating dysfunctional patterns and addictive cycles
*Take control of your life
*Pursue Purpose--the Key to Breakthrough​​

Are you smart and successful? Do you have big dreams? Are you in control of almost everything--yet struggle to break bad habits? Are you making decisions you’re not proud of when you’re upset? Does your past feel like an overweight backpack? Do you hide how much you drink, smoke, use drugs, or abuse food? Are you tired of faulty mindsets that take you on detours and lead you down a familiar path that goes nowhere?

If so, The Change Your Story Workshop was created for You.



Don't just take our word for it. See what our satisfied clients have to say about their experience with Change Your Story Workshop.
Karen Garlough

This has been the most rewarding, unveiling and deepest exposure of my life to a group of people that I have never met before!  Becoming more intimate with Christ has taught me to trust and share the pain for what it is.  Once I revealed the depth of the pain and its ability to control me, I was lifted and it showed me how to see through the tears.  Now, learning that my weakness is not in control, I can continue my walk with God into a boldness I never realized existed, 

Vickie A.

The Change Your Story Workshop was such a blessing and came in my life at the perfect time. I joined because I truly want to be the best version of myself as a mom and to heal from past trauma and this workshop was definitely a blessing and came at a perfect time

Jeanette Johnson

The Change Your Story Workshop is worth every penny, every tear, every rock and hard spot that you get to when you have to face your stuff head on. You have to do the work though, if you don't plan on doing the work then this workshop would not work for you.

"I can't thank Change Your Story Workshop enough for the impact they've had on my life. Their guidance and support has helped me achieve things I never thought possible."

Casey Johnson

“The Change Your Story Workshop goes deep, helping each person to face the known and unknown, in a way that is loving and supported. This workshop allowed me to think past what I knew to apply the tools that’ll serve my healing journey. I recommend this workshop to EVERYONE because becoming the best version of yourself doesn’t happen when we get the right job, the perfect parent, etc, it happens when we shift our stories to align with God's story about us.” 


With God--and a lot of work, You can Change Your Story

Enrollment for the 9 Week Workshop is only $575 and that includes the Change Your Story Workbook. If you have a PROMO CODE, you can apply it at the time of checkout.


Classes are held on PST and last approximately one hour and a half. They will take place via LIVE Zoom meetings. Are you ready for Your Breakthrough?

Change Your Story Workshop

Summer Special 
(Workbook included)
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Spring Workshop
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Sat.'s 10AM PST 
Beginning on June 22, 2024.


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