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Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

Ready to reach your goals and unlock your potential?

Interested in finding out about Kirstin's personalized coaching style?

What is your typical process for working with a new client?

I listen. I ask what led them to taking this life changing step in changing their story. What do they hope to accomplish? What’s in the way? We start here.


No matter what the issues and/or circumstances are, we have to Deal to Heal. Whether you choose one-on one counselling and coaching or prefer a group setting like The Change Your Story Workshop,  that is what we do!


What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

In addition to my personal experience and wisdom gained in the wilderness, I am a certified wellness coach, a recovery coach and a life coach. However, one of the unique aspects of my breakthrough (which included breaking free from a decade of addictions) was that I used everything I learned in Acting School to Change My Story.


Acting isn’t about memorizing lines, it’s about Understanding who you are, Determining what is in the way, and Deciding what you are going to do about it. I provide clients with a 4 step formula that enables them to stop playing the role of a Victim, or being their own Villain, and Become the Hero of their Story.

How did you get started doing this type of work?

I became the counselor I needed when my life needed a major rewrite!


What types of clients have you worked with?

All types!


High achievers. Many clients have everything under control—except for those few things that are in the way of everything.


I work with clients who want to stop drinking, binge eating, living in their past, choosing the wrong partners, and making the same mistakes. Clients who want to renew their mind, learn to forgive, to love again, to grow closer to God.


Science has proven that we can rewire our brain. Which goes right along with what God has said since the beginning of time—we are transformed by the renewing of our mind. “Once and addict, always an addict,” is not Biblically or scientifically true.


I work with clients who want to be FREE from whatever has been holding them back. Clients who want to Discover their Purpose. I provide the tools it takes, to live in the Freedom God provides.

What advice would you give someone looking for a personal coach?

Find someone who has been where you’ve been—but is where you want to be. Mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Don’t look for someone who is going to say what you want to hear or put Band-Aids on your problems. Find someone who challenges you. Who sees the best in you. Find the person who Believes in you!


I'd be honored to be a part of Your Breakthrough journey! 

Client Testimonies

“Kirstin's coaching changed my life and the way I think about myself and my circumstances. I used to think that maybe I would just have to accept certain behaviors of mine because for most of my years I tried to break free from them without success. But not anymore. Thank you, Kirstin!" --


“I never felt like a "client." Kirstin's manner of listening, and leading made feel safe to share difficult things. Kirstin responds in such a way that you know she isn't just giving advice--she truly cares. I have grown so much and am forever grateful."

--Kylee J.

“Kirstin Leigh gave me the tools I needed to break through my barriers and take a large stride towards achieving my goals. She is truly inspiring.” 


"I am a lot more self-aware. I know how to change my thoughts and center myself. I know how to use scripture to combat negative thoughts and feelings.


“I experienced breakthrough via forgiving myself & those who have harmed me AND understanding what I do to ‘cope/comfort/ protect’ myself.”


“Kirstin gave me the skills to check myself to see if what I’m doing is getting me closer or further from my goals. Also to quiet the enemies voice and lean on God’s word when I am in doubt.”


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