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 Following the debut of her life-changing book, “Change Your Story,” Kirstin Leigh releases a powerful and   passionate, soul stirring song that revives your spirit, restores your dreams, and inspires you to believe that you   don’t have to let “where you are, become who you are.”

 “Changed My Story,” was a blessing I was not expecting. It takes my comeback story to another level,” says   Kirstin Leigh.

 Originally from a small town in Kentucky, was always singing. From organizing neighborhood shows, to riding   her bike to the nursing home and asking if she could sing for the elderly, Kirstin created opportunities to   perform. She also dreamed of one of her favorite artists coming and whisking her out of her small town. That   never happened, but she did get a job when she was twelve, saved every penny of her babysitting money and   moved to New York City when she was seventeen.


 Kirstin accomplished many of her dreams, including touring with a top 40 band. But one night while in the   middle of a song, “something” hit her.  She looked into the audience, and even though people were dancing   and having fun, she saw the loneliness behind their eyes. “I was supposed to be singing songs that filled   people with hope… that changed their lives.”

 Kirstin, along with her sister, Kimber, began writing songs, pursuing a career in Christian music. After recording   her first CD with Grammy Award Winner, Tim Miner, Kirstin, alongside Sharenda Roam, and Katy Hudson (now   Katy Perry) auditioned for Pamplin music. Sharenda and Katy signed with the label, but due to reasons you can   read about in “Change Your Story,” Kirstin didn’t. “Right when my career was finally getting ready to take off, I   took off. I ran away from everything I had ever dreamed of, worked towards, and believed in.”

 Kirstin ran away from her dreams, but like her pastor, Tim Storey, says, “A God dream will chase you down.”   Kirstin agrees. “The dream God had for me was stronger than my addictions. Stronger than my pain, my past…   My purpose was the key to my breakthrough. What I ran away from is truly what saved me.”

 Kirstin speaks and sings at women’s events, rehab centers, youth groups, schools, churches, and media   events. “I share a lot of secrets I worked really hard to keep. But when I was begging God to save my life, I   promised I would do whatever He said—just to use me.” Kirstin Leigh’s rocky path has become a stepping   stone for audiences all over the world. She shows people by example that you don’t have to live with whatever     life throws you—or whatever you get yourself into. You can change your story.

 “Changed My Story,” is the gift that was waiting for me on the other side of my obedience. I pray it blesses you   beyond belief! That when you hear my heart, you know you are not alone. God has a purpose and a plan for   your life. But you have to believe it, and you have to fight for it.”

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