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Your Life is a Masterpiece

Waiting to be Discovered

"In my case, that Masterpiece was buried under a lot of mess!"

Kirstin Leigh

Kirstin Leigh  CEO Change Your Story  Enterprises, LLC

Founder of The Change Your Story Workshop
Best-selling Author, Speaker & Life Coach

Recognized as an expert in the world of recovery and breakthrough, Kirstin Leigh is a an author, motivational speaker, life coach, and the Founder of The Change Your Story Workshop.

In Kirstin's

First, I know there are a lot of places you could be right now. Thank you for being here. 

I’m originally from a tiny town in Kentucky. I never fit in, was constantly bullied, and had a very turbulent relationship with my dad. By the time I was nine, living in an anxiety mode—with a smile on my face, was normal.


Despite all this, I was strong. I had big dreams! I got a job when I was twelve (you can do that in Ky.!), and moved to New York City when I was barely eighteen. I was ready to conquer the world. And I did some really cool and courageous things. But I had this backstory that was following me.


We have to Deal to Heal


On the outside, things looked fine. No one knew about my depression, how lonely I was, the eating disorder that plagued my teenage years, or the alcohol that had become my secret companion. I didn’t talk about my daddy issues, my fears, or how broken my “beautiful” heart was.


The sting of life controlled my thoughts. And my thoughts controlled my life. If I had known about spiritual warfare, the power in prayer, that healing is real, that our words carry energy. . . If I had admitted I was hurting, trusted my instincts, gotten to truly know God and who I am in Him—you would be reading a different story.


Right when my music career was getting ready to take off, I ran away from everything I had ever dreamed of and worked for. Alcohol had never been a problem for me. But it became a habit. And when “life” happened, that habit became an addiction that stole years of my life. As in, I drank twenty beers a day for years.


 I don’t believe “everything is meant to be.” I believe God wants to direct our steps, but our free will makes for a lot of detours. God has a plan, but we have to get on board with Him in order for it to manifest. That being said, God can work everything out for our good. When we use our free will in the right way—cooperating, and co-creating with Him, He will restore the years we’ve sown in tears.


Purpose is the Key to Breakthrough


God saved me to use me. I’m a living example that you don’t have to live with whatever life throws you (or whatever you’ve gotten yourself into), with God—and a lot of work, you can change your story! God has a purpose and plan for your life that is greater than you can possibly imagine. But you have to believe it. And you have to fight for it.


It is never too late to change, to heal, to dream, to believe… Your Life is a Masterpiece Waiting to be Discovered.

What Leaders say...


 Life Advisor, Speaker,

Best-selling Author

"In a time when so many people are finding themselves in an OK life, Kirstin Leigh shows us by experience, that you can change the channel at any point in your journey and find a life full of meaning and strength.”


Actor, Speaker

Best-selling Author

“Kirstin Leigh gives you the impetus and inspiration needed to get ‘unstuck’ and make those long desired changes in your life!  Kirstin's messages are full of Biblical truths and powerful insights, that help audiences shake off their past, alter their thinking, and dare to believe they DO have a wonderful future and destiny."


Founder One Church LA, 

Best-selling Author, Speaker

"Kirstin's message is powerful and refreshing. She guides you on a journey of triumph regardless of where you started from.”

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