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Change Your Story by Kirstin Leigh

“Change Your Story” frees you to be YOU!

Would you like to discover—or re-discover, the dreamer, the fighter, the hero that lives inside you? Are you ready to break free from life controlling issues, conquer depression, and let go of the lies, lifestyles, and faulty mindsets that are holding you back?

"Change Your Story" is for people who have read countless self-help books, tried every formula-and are still searching for that missing piece.

The Change Your Story Workbook and Workshop Created by Kirstin Leigh

This Workbook is a companion guide for individuals participating in The Change Your Story Workshop. 

Faith based Fiction for Tweens

BELIEVE by Kirstin Leigh

When Kristi Kate, a vivacious twelve year old, convinces the school board to let the elementary students perform in a musical she wrote, what she doesn’t mention is her surprise; she’s going to make her own singing debut. After tomorrow night, the whole world—and her dad, will know she’s more than “just a dreamer.”But Kristi Kate’s hopes for a new beginning are shattered when an emergency landing in her family’s small plane leaves her stranded in the middle of nowhere, with no way of making it home in time for her own show!Refusing to give up, she searches for help. However, the disappointment is blinding and after exhausting all her ideas, accepting her fate seems the only option. But then she meets Traci, who’s been praying for a friend just like her. Kristi Kate has no idea what this means. Unless… Is there a reason she’s stuck here?“Believe” revolves around an abandoned church, a bunch of bored kids, a town full of lost dreamers, and two twelve year old girls who are going to stir things up. What they find is that God’s plan is bigger than their own, and that their dreams… aren’t just for them.

From Kirstin's column, "Change Your Story with Kirstin Leigh" featured in Family Christian and Voice of Truth's International magazine

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