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You don’t have to live with whatever life throws you—or whatever you get yourself into—you can change your story. Kirstin Leigh’s powerful messages, born from her breakout book, “Change Your Story,” inspire audiences of all ages to believe in big dreams, break free from life controlling issues, and to discover—or rediscover the hero that lives inside them. By sharing captivatingly honest accounts of her dreams, detours, addictions, and triumphs, Kirstin challenges audiences not to let where they are become who they are, and shows them by example how purpose is the key to breakthrough.


Originally from a small town in Kentucky, nothing about Kirstin’s environment said, “God has a purpose and a plan for your life.” But despite being bullied at school, a tumultuous relationship with her father, and an eating disorder she managed to keep secret, Kirstin Leigh still had big dreams.


Singing and acting kept her grounded and enabled her to move to New York City when she was only seventeen. Kirstin was ready to conquer the world—yet there were times the world almost conquered her. Pain from her past led to a long battle with alcohol. “I lived my life on a tightrope, with faith on one side and fear on the other.”  


Now an author and sought after speaker and singer, Kirstin speaks to every heart that has been broken, every dreamer who lost the fight… and every survivor who is ready to soar. Her messages are full of Biblical truths, insights, and wisdom gained from “years in the wilderness.” Audiences leave with renewed confidence and strategies, enabling them to let go of the lies, lifestyles, and faulty mindsets that are holding them back. They are motivated to embrace life and live out their God given destiny.


With her engaging personality, authentic style, and a vivacity that is truly God given, Kirstin instantly connects with people all over the world in women’s groups both secular and Christian, rehab centers, churches, youth groups, high schools, colleges, and media groups. Kirstin has also shared her story, as well as her new song, “Changed My Story,” on numerous networks, including Atlanta Live, Babbie's House, Overcomers TV, Beauty for Ashes, Uniting the Nations, Mega Praise Ministries, 99.5 Heart of God radio, and The Cross TV Network.


Kirstin’s passion for youth leads us to her debut book for tweens. “Believe,” the first in a fiction series, follows a vivacious twelve year old with big dreams. ““Believe” has opened the door for me to speak to tweens in Christian schools, as well as secular, Montessori, Catholic, and Jewish ones! I use the book as a tool to challenge tweens to dream big, deal with disappointments, discover their unique gifts, and realize that God’s plans are even better than their own.”


In addition to “Believe,” and her non-fiction book for adults and teens, “Change Your Story,” Kirstin is a featured writer for Family Christian's digital magazine, and "Abide," the no. 1 Christian meditation app. Kirstin's also written songs with artists such as Grammy Award Winner Tim Miner, as well as plays performed in schools for children with learning challenges, The All Star Program in New York City, and Inside Out, an at-risk youth program in California.


Whether you want to “Change Your Story,” revive your dreams, or just need a little inspiration to “Believe,” Kirstin Leigh’s messages and music empower you to discover the masterpiece that lives inside you.